T1: Bring us in early

We love getting involved from the earliest stages of a design concept so we can help you plan for greatness, all within your budget. Once you know your client’s quantities, approximate delivery date and budget guidelines, we’ll help steer you in an inspired direction. If you have something you want us to look at, get in touch now.

T2: Use a production briefing form

Now, we’re really happy to take it all down, whether it’s in your office, over the phone or at a café on a napkin. But what we do know from experience is just how helpful a production briefing checklist can be in preparing all the information and enabling a fantastic result. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one. Just click here and download one we’ve created for you.

T3: Ask the right or wrong question we will get the answers!

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions the team at special t print have loads of experience in the production of print, good and not so good. We have seen it all we are not afraid to point out to you what can go wrong and which direction we can move to get the best result.

T4: Shhhhhhhhhhhh its classified

We do things a bit different in the Special t print world. There are many things that make a great print project. From the artwork set up, to the proofs, to what stock you are printing to the special delivery instruction. There are tips and tricks that are for your eyes and ears only so give us a call so we can chat about print things.

T5: Let’s look into each other’s eyes

When we are called in to get involved in a print project or concept we love to get face to face. So many people today are very efficient in their working space that email is the way to go. Remember this might be your once in a lifetime job that can make or break you. Don’t spec it on an email get in contact and get us out to your place. A face to Face meeting about what you are looking for could make or break it!

T6: ISO proofs, soft proofs, PDF’s are great

But...... if that job is waking you up at 3am knocking on your head telling you it needs to be something special. Come out and press check it! A ride out to special t print to check it on the press not only gives you piece of mind, but it allows you to see your masterpiece in progress. Plus you get to have a look around the nuts and bolts and see how we make things happen.  

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