The Special T Print story began when two highly-skilled printers, both with extensive customer-facing expertise, found a mutual desire to meld exceptional print craftsmanship with a superb customer service experience.  The result is a truly unique, award-winning print team. By combining astute technical skills - that enable them to understand the capabilities of all production processes - with the creative vision to understand how to make things happen, the Special T team sees every job from the perspective of the customer and the printer, enabling a far better print result.


Corey’s career began on the shop floor at Chippendale Printing where he learnt the ‘dark arts’ first hand.   Websdale was his next port of call, providing opportunities that led him from the pressroom to the boardroom.  After being involved with both sales and company development, Corey eventually went on to lead the production team following the company’s merger with Penfold Buscombe. Wanting to advance his career, Corey joined another of Sydney’s leading printers as Operations Manager, eventually becoming General Manager.  After leading the company for a further two years, he left to open Special T’s doors with Michael Morley.


Michael has been there and done that! He is another one who started from the pressroom floor, mainly to fund his tripping around Europe as a young man. But in doing this he developed a passion for print. After exiting the press room and venturing out into the big bad world of print sales, Michael realised he loved talking about what went into producing a masterpiece and making it happen. Landing in Australia he spent six years with impresstik supplying solutions to the wine and cosmetics industry.  From there, Michael joined Pot Still Press, arguably Sydney’s premier printing company at that time.  It was a tough school where both quality and service were paramount and it was here that Michael progressed to become Sales Director, overseeing the sales team and ensuring the company maintained its impressive tally of gold medals in the National Print Awards. Through acquisitions and mergers and the ever expanding print fish, Michael spent time with Websdale Printing, Penfold Buscombe & Geon. These two guys have passion for this stuff so it only makes sense that they now are working together. Michael joined Corey when Special T began and its been that way ever since.